Migration Law

To apply for a residence permit, it is mandatory to submit the initial application abroad and in person before entering Austria. However, certain groups of individuals are permitted to submit their initial applications within Austria.

Navigating migration law can be challenging, as it is a complex area of law with multiple types of residence permits, which can lead to confusion. We are here to guide you through this legal landscape and provide you with the help you need.


Several factors must be considered in order to create a secure online environment for consumers and protect your business from penalties or financial losses. IT contract law is also important in any online transaction, and we can provide expert advice in this area. 

The internet presence of businesses must comply with a number of regulations and laws. Terms and conditions, as well as data protection regulations, are critical in this regard. We also handle cases involving cybercrime.

Sanctions law

Sanctions, also known as restrictive measures, are an important tool in the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). They are used by the EU as part of an all-encompassing policy. 

Sanctions typically involve transnational issues that necessitate a thorough understanding of multiple countries' legal landscapes. These situations can be difficult to handle without the assistance of experts with extensive experience and expertise. We are here to help you.

Contract Law

Contract law is at the heart of our legal practice. We represent clients from a wide range of industries that supply goods and services to and from Austria, including food and beverage, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), heavy machinery, plant parts and equipment, manufacturing and production, and professional services. 

We ensure that your contracts meet all necessary requirements in order to provide you with the most comprehensive protection and mitigate any potential risks.

Corporate Law

We assist our clients in establishing their corporate presence in Austria, with a particular emphasis on the selection of the appropriate legal form. 

Our experience is equally valuable for established businesses facing restructuring and succession decisions.

Dispute Resolution

In Austria, we concentrate on commercial contract disputes, corporate and product liability, and employment disputes. Our attorneys represent clients in Austrian state courts as well as arbitration courts. 

We strive to find solutions that are both cost-effective and easy to implement. There are various dispute resolution methods available, and we will choose the one that best suits your needs and circumstances.

International Payment Law

The international payment law creates a legal framework for Austrian as well as cross-border payment flows. We advise you on everything you need to consider when making payment transactions and what requirements you need to fulfill.

Employment and Labour Law

Our foreign clients are often surprised how strict and formalistic the labour laws in Austria can be. We help our clients better understand their rights and obligations, whether from an employee or employer perspective.

For the parties involved in a labor dispute, it can often be difficult to reach a solution. Our experts will show you all the options and help you avoid unnecessary costs.

Real Estate and Property Law

Whether you want to acquire business premises as part of a long-term expansion or rent an office space somewhere for a short-term international project - we will work with you to put together a list of requirements and provide tailor-made support as and where you need it.

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