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We provide a range of solutions that facilitate processes and make your business more secure and effective. It is of greatest importance to us to not just offer solid legal advice but to do everything to increase your legal protection while informing you of all available and sensible options in any situation.


KYC Tool

Our KYC tool ensures that you can easily fill out the necessary forms and rely on your correctness. It only shows you the information relevant to you and thus speeds up the preparation of the form. You can be sure that all the necessary information is entered. In addition, all relevant documents can be uploaded quickly and securely and the software checks them after completion.


Payment platform

You can easily create, manage, and process invoices online with the help of Clipp. This tool gives you total control over a variety of functions, making it a significant asset to your company. Before they are made public, your team's invoices can be reviewed by you, and clients can only access supplementary materials after making a payment. To ensure quick payment, Clipp also automatically sends payment reminders for any unpaid invoices.


Datenspeicherung und Datentransfer

Safecloud ensures secure communication and protection of sensitive information during legal proceedings. All messages exchanged, be it written, verbal or video chats, are encrypted for privacy. Additionally, you can manage and send documents securely and store passwords in a protected environment.

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